The Mid-Life Upgrade is running a series of infrastructure projects

Improving the aircraft’s infrastructure is key to providing a more flexible and practical platform for instrument deployment and testing.

Infrastructure improvement projects that are part of the Mid-Life Upgrade cover several areas, such as cabin interior, science instrumentation and racks, instrument hardpoints and apertures, nose and wing instrument infrastructure, aircraft communications, and data systems.

As the Mid-Life Upgrade progresses, more infrastructure projects will become live and listed below. 


Current infrastructure projects

Aircraft Cabin Development

The aircraft cabin upgrade is a major project for the Mid-Life Upgrade programme. Improving the usability and flexibility of the on board laboratory space is essential – especially so it can be configured to meet future project needs, new instruments, and different operational requirements.

Priorities include workstation and rack design and positioning, improving key services such as power supplies and communication tools, and how instruments are mounted within the cabin. Given that campaign sorties often last many hours, cabin aesthetics and crew comfort are also high on the list!

Also underway are improvements to cabin cooling and the cabin setup for training future researchers flying on board. Possibilities are being explored through visits to other aircraft operators and solutions will be developed over the coming months.

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