All FAAM data is stored within the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis archive.

FAAM provides the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis with data from our core instrumentation on all flights. Data is provided in netCDF format, at both full temporal resolution and at 1Hz.

We aim to have data available within one working day, however this is dependant on the available internet speed and may not be possible in remote detachment locations. In these circumstances, processed data will be made available locally to participating scientists, and uploaded to CEDA as bandwidth allows.


CEDA distribute FAAM data via their FAAM data pages.

Alongside the core data, FAAM and CEDA also publish

  • Video files from the aircrafts four video cameras
  • Quality assessments
  • Flight log sheets
  • Flight summary files

We also archive all raw data from our core instruments. Usually, this data is only made available to FAAM staff, if you need access to this data please contact FAAM.


Searching FAAM data

FAAM data can be searched by keyword from the main CEDA archive, or can be searched by date, region and keywords using the online EUFAR Flight Finder tool.

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