Obtaining an Airtask pass

To fly on the FAAM aircraft you will have to be in possession of an Airtask pass. The application process is the same for everybody (Met Office, University etc.). The pass is valid for up to three years from issue. You may also require a Cranfield Airport Airside Access ID pass (valid for two years) to access the apron/aircraft without escort (see below for details). Your application should be sent to Airtask (see below).

Please note that the Airtask email and postal address changed with version 1.6 of the form. Please discard previous versions and use the current form, linked below.

This page was last updated 14 Mar 2024 with new version of the Airtask Pass Application Form which added a Dietary Requirement section..

For a New Airtask Pass

Please provide with 5 working days’ notice for an Airtask Pass or 21 working days if you also require an Airside pass:

  • A completed (page 1 and Yes or No in the Cranfield Airport Airside Pass Required: box on page 2) version of this document (Airtask Pass Application v1.11) which can be filled in electronically.
  • A formal letter on headed paper required from the named organisation confirming proof of employment or study with said organisation.
  • A photocopy/scan of the personal details page of your passport.
  • A passport size photograph/scan.

To Renew an Airtask Pass

Please provide the same documentation as for a new pass but note the difference:

  • An updated formal letter on headed paper required from the named organisation confirming proof of continued employment or study with said organisation.

Send the completed form, and required supporting documentation, electronically (email address is on the first page of the Airtask Pass Application form) or in paper form to:

Airtask Group Ltd
Regus House
Fairbourne Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 9RG

Airtask should email you when your pass has been created and is ready to collect from Airtask Operations in Cranfield University Building 146/detachment location.


For a Cranfield Airport Airside Access ID Pass

A new or renewing user should consider if their role will require a Cranfield Airport Airside Access pass in addition to an Airtask flying pass. Their manager, or FAAM Ops, should be able to help with this. Staff requiring such a pass are likely to be regular Cranfield flier instrument operators with external pre-flight or hold toolbox access requirement who require unescorted access when the aircraft is outside the hangar on a flying day, or unescorted Hangar 1 access on a non-flying day.

If you will require this pass either inform FAAM Ops directly or add YES in the Cranfield Airport Airside Pass Required: box in the TO BE COMPLETED BY FAAM section on page 2).

If your Cranfield Airport Airside ID (valid two years) expires ahead of your Airtask ID (valid up to three years) then you should drop ARA Ops an email (can be found on the Airtask Application form) to advise and request an application form.

Pass Application Process:

  1. A user completes the application form for an Airtask pass and (e)mails it, the photo, passport copy and formal letter to Airtask.
  2. On receipt Airtask send just the Airtask Pass Application to FAAM Ops to authorise and confirm if a Cranfield Airside Access pass is required.
  3. FAAM Ops return the authorised form to Airtask who check the details and eligibility. 
  4. If just an Airtask Pass is required Airtask will then create the pass and should email you to confirm it is ready to collect. See note b) below. Skip to 7). Please check your junk/spam folders for this email.
  5. Your Airtask pass should be collected from Airtask Ops [B146] once notified available. You will be asked to sign for your pass when you collect it, after a local airside safety briefing, from Airtask Ops during normal office hours (or from 3 hours before a flight.). If you are only involved in flying from a detached location Airtask Ops will bring your pass there.
  6. If the authorised Airtask Pass application has a YES in the Cranfield Airport Airside Pass Required box Airtask will email to inform you to check for an email from iAcademy@resourcegroup.co.uk which will contain a link to a Resource Group online Airside Safety training course and test and a copy of the current Cranfield Airport Airside ID Access Card Application Form. Please check your junk/spam folders for this email. When completing the form please enter in
               • Section 1 : APPLICANT INFORMATION the “Aircraft Reg” is G-LUXE.
               • Section 2 : ACCESS REQUIRED the following text:
    This pass is required to access the FAAM aircraft to ready/calibrate instruments before and after flights and in Hangar 1 on non flying days.
    Access via EP5 (Hangar 1 door to Apron 1)
    Access should be from 0400L (The default start time assigned to the pass is 0400L.)
    The pass is required for two years (two years is the default and maximum; you can request a shorter duration.).
  7. Send the completed Airside Access form and, if requested, a recent photo for the ID pass back to Airtask. The form will be forwarded to the Airport once the course completion certificate has been received. You will be emailed (from cranfield.centrik.net@centrik.net) a link to log in to the Cranfield Airport Centrik System. Please check your junk/spam folders for this email. Before your pass is authorised and created you will have to read the documents listed on the application form and sign to say you have read, and understood, them. If you do not complete that process your application will not be processed and is likely to lead to the application being cancelled
  8. Your blue Cranfield Airport Airside pass should be collected from Cranfield Security between 1000L and no later than 1700L once notified available.

Please note that:

a) The duration of validity of your pass will be determined by the Start and Expected Completion dates you write on the application form, to a maximum of two years.

• If you will be involved in a single flying campaign you hopefully know the dates it will take place. Be aware that you may be involved in an experience flight a month or more in advance of that so check the earliest date you may wish to fly before completing the form.

• If you expect to fly on multiple campaigns over multiple years then note the name of the campaigns you know and put an appropriate start date with the end date up to 2 years later.

b) If you are applying in advance of a campaign, particularly an overseas one, your application may be held until closer to the start date to be processed in a batch.

c) After authorising the application FAAM is not part or the process. If you have not received an email from Airtask confirming your pass has been created please contact Airtask and not FAAM.

 An Airside ID Access Pass Card must be returned to the Airport Management Offices at Medway Court :-
• If the Airport requests it
• If employment / training is terminated
• If the pass holder changes employer
• If a pass holder no longer requires access to the areas for which authorisation has been given
• If the Airside ID Access Pass Card expires
• If the Airport withdraws or cancels the pass