H&S Policy

NERC is by law required to produce a policy for health and safety that is signed by the chief executive. This lays down the intent, organisation and arrangements that are in place to ensure health and safety within the organisation and for other parties who might be affected by its activities.

As part of NERC, FAAM mirrors NERC's Health and safety policy. This policy applies to all activities undertaken by FAAM.

pdf FAAM Health and Safety Policy (17 KB) pdf
(17 KB)

The FAAM policy is supplemented by procedures, guidance and forms which where possible link back to NERC's own procedures, available at the link below:


FAAM-specific procedures and guidance are summarised in the menu to the right.

Accident Reporting

For FAAM staff to report an accident, incident or near-miss, use NERC's online form (you need a NERC login for this)


FAAM Guidance and Procedures

pdf Working at FAAM - Safety Guide (691 KB)

pdf Aircraft Working Procedures (97 KB)

Compressed Gas Cylinders Road Transport Guidelines (issue1 AL3)

pdf COSHH Assessment Summary (32 KB)

Handling Gas Cylinders (issue 4)

Handling Whole Air Sample (WAS) Cases (v2)

pdf Health and Safety Away from Base (64 KB)

pdf Incident Response Plan (241 KB) (FAAM Staff Only)

Induction to FAAM working (Presentation)

pdf Laser Safety (24 KB)

pdf Rack Safety Sheets (78 KB)

document Ramp Safety Briefing CFD 1 (939 KB)

pdf Waste Disposal at FAAM (21 KB)  

pdf Working in Building 85 Laboratory (105 KB)

A list of local FAAM Risk Assessments and Procedures (registered users only)

spreadsheet Risk Assessment and Procedure List (275 KB)

Below is a table describing the FAAM staff currency on the multiple training and H&S assessments that are required at FAAM 

  spreadsheet Training matrix 15 3 18 (19 KB)  





Guest Staff

  FAAM Induction Presentation V7 0

Tom Bannan 11/6/15 SB
Amy Foulds 9/6/15 SB
Jim Hopkins 9/6/15 SB
Mike Le Breton 2/6/15 SB
James Lee 23/6/15 SB
Jamie Minaeian 9/6/15 SB
Joseph Pitt 2/6/15 SB
Mike Priestley 2/6/15 SB
Marvyn Shaw 9/6/15 SB
Jim McQuaid  23/6/15 JT
Hannah Price  23/6/15 JT
Freya Squires 06/7/15 SB
Kate Szpek

06/07/15 JT 

Nick Davies

06/07/15 JT

Zinzile Sibanda 06/07/15 JT
James Dorsey 08/07/15 JT
Jonathan Taylor 09/07/2015 AxW 
Richard Cotton 09/07/2015 JT 
Edmund Stone 13/07/2015 MG 
Joss Kent 14/07/2015 DA 
Jeff Norwood-Brown 14/07/2015 DA
Gary Lloyd 15/07/2015 DA 
Paul Williams 15/07/2015 DA
Paul Barrett 15/07/2015 DA
Jenn Brooke  15/07/2015 DA
Aiden McGivern  15/07/2015 DA
Lee Georghiou  15/07/2015 DA
Benjamin Murray 15/07/2015 DA
Yashna Lekhai 20/07/2015 MG 
Jacob Fugal  20/07/2015 MS
Claire Ryder 20/07/2015 MS
Stuart Rogers 20/07/2015 MS
Robert King 20/07/2015 MS
Dave Tiddeman 20/07/2015 MS
Nina Hartley 21/07/2015 MS
Yaswant Pradhan 21/07/2015 MS
Chawn Harlow 21/07/2015 MS
Alan Vance  01/09/15 AMW
Richard Smout 01/09/15 AMW 
Jon Murray 16/9/15 AMW 
Juliet Pickering  25/11/15 JT
Christian Clear  25/11/15 JT
Jamie Banks 25/11/15 JT 
Patrick Van Wie 02/12/15 GN 
Chris Flynn 02/12/15 GN 
Andy Wilson 6/1/16  DA 
Dave Kindred 11/1/16  DA  
Asan Bacak  18/01/16 JT
Ian Rule  2/2/16  DA 
Stuart Fox 8/2/16  DA 
Cathryn Fox 8/2/16  DA 
Ian Crawford 8/2/16  DA 
Alex Harrison 17/2/16 DA 
Rebecca Carling 01/03/16 JT
Poppy Townsend  01/03/16 JT
Seb O'Shea 14/03/16 JT 
Richard Keane 14/03/16 DA 
Grant Wanefiled 16/03/16 JT 
Arathy Menon 16/03/16 JT  
Peter Willets 16/03/16 JT 
Kate Winfield 16/03/16 JT 
Kieran Hunt 16/03/16 JT 
David Martin 16/03/16 JT 
Cathryn Birch  17/03/16 AxW
Steven Boeing  17/03/16 AxW 
Oliver Halliday  17/03/16 AxW 
Martyn Pickering 12/04/2016 AD
Sophie Haslett 20/04/2016 RC
William Morgan 20/04/2016 RC
James Brooks 20/04/2016 RC
Hue Coe 20/04/2016 RC
Jonny Taylor 20/04/2016 RC

Russ Ladkin 

29/04/2016 JT 
Joshua Will 29/04/2016 JT
Mark Beasley 29/04/2016 JT
Michael Flynn 29/04/2016 JT
James Johnson 29/04/2016 JT
Mark Thomas 29/04/2016 JT
Marina Schimpf 01/08/2016 SB
Stuart Young  01/12/2016 SB
Will Drysdale 24/01/2017 SB
Thomas Richards 13/03/2017 AD
Guilliame SaintCircue 13/03/2017 AD
Inderjeet Singh

27/03/2017 AD

Patrick Barker 03/07/2017 HP
Prudence Bateson 06/11/2017 SB
Joseph Pitt 06/11/2017 SB
Freya Lumb 05/12/2017 JT ?
Chris Westbrook 07/12/2017 DA
Peggy Achtert 07/12/2017 DA
Waldemar Schledewitz 07/12/2017 DA
Emilia Sephton 07/12/2017 DA
Joshua Hampton 07/12/2017 DA
Ben Pickering 07/12/2017 DA
Ryan R. Neely III 07/12/2017 DA
Shona Wilde 05/04/2018 SB
Steve Andrews 05/04/2018 SB
David Lowry 11/04/2018 SB
Julianne Fernandez 11/04/2018 SB
James France 11/04/2018 SB
Grant Allen  16/04/2018 SB
Rebecca Fisher 16/04/2018 SB
Tom Lachlan-Cope 17/04/2018 SB
Alexandra Weiss 17/04/2018 SB