The AIMMS probe is a commercial instrument from Aventech, which is fitted in one of the canisters under the wing. The biggest benefit compared to the turbulence probe in the radom of the aircraft is, that the AIMMS has an integrated heater which can be switched on in icing conditions. This prevents data lose when flying through clouds with supercooled water.


Aircraft Integrated Meteorological Measurement System (AIMMS) Data are recorded at 20Hz. The data are available as netCDF.

  • TK: AIMMS true air temperature (K)
  • RH: AIMMS Relative humidity wrt water (percent)
  • PRES: AIMMS Static pressure (mb)
  • U: AIMMS eastwards wind component (m s-1)
  • V: AIMMS northwards wind component (m s-1)
  • W: AIMMS vertical wind component (m s-1)
  • LAT: AIMMS GPS latitude
  • LON: AIMMS GPS longitude
  • ALT: AIMMS GPS altitude
  • VN: AIMMS Northwards ground speed (m s-1)
  • VE: AIMMS Eastwards ground speed (m s-1)
  • VZ: AIMMS vertical speed
  • ROLL: AIMMS roll angle
  • PITCH: AIMMS pitch angle
  • HDG: AIMMS Heading angle
  • TAS: AIMMS True air speed
  • AOSS: AIMMS angle of sideslip (positive, flow from left)
  • DPAOA: AIMMS non-dimensional angle of attack differential pressure
  • DPAOSS: AIMMS non-dimensional angle of sideslip differential pressure
  • AOA: AIMMS angle of attack (positive, flow from below aircraft)


Further Details

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