LWIR Camera with Real Time Imaging Electronics (RTIE)


The IR Camera system is a Phoenix LWIR Camera with Real Time Imaging Electronics (RTIE) which functions in the wavelength range between 8 and 9.2 µm. It also has a PAL composite video camera co-located with it in the front of the large radiometer blister. The RTIE, power supply and control computer are located on Radiometer Rack 1. The Camera is operated from the Rear Core Console. Its computer is controlled via a KVM switch from the Rear Core Console and the IR video and spotter camera image is viewed from the composite video display on the rear core console via the Quad Video Switch, also located on the rack.


  • Resolution: 320 x 256 pixels
  • Field of View (FoV): 45, 23 or 11 degrees depending on lens fitted

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