Four recording Phillips LTC 0600 Series Colour video cameras.


Four recording Phillips LTC 0600 Series Colour video cameras pointing upward, downward, forward and backward. 12mm f1.4 lens. Field of view 30° horizontal, 20° vertical.

Power for the video cameras is supplied by two 24VAC transformers mounted on the top of the forward core console. Their 230VAC supply is protected with a 0.5A circuit breaker situated in the forward core console power distribution panel.


The raw video files are converted to avi files and can be downloaded from the FAAM archive at the BADC/CEDA.


Connector Identification Labels
Console ConnectorDescriptionWording
BNC Video Titler Forward facing camera IN/FDR (a slight typo by the engravers!)
BNC Video Titler Upward facing camera IN/UP
BNC Video Titler Downward facing camera IN/DOWN
BNC Video Titler Rearward facing camera IN/AFT
D-type RS232 Camera Switch Upward facing camera UP
D-type RS232 Camera Switch Forward facing camera FORWARD
D-type RS232 Camera Switch Downward facing camera DOWN
D-type RS232 Camera Switch Rearward facing camera AFT
Camera Power Forward/Upward facing cameras FFC/UFC Power
Camera Power Downward/Rearward facing cameras DFC/RFC Power


Contact Charles Chan at FAAM.