DateSerial No.Notes
2012-07-12F01U081392New camera set up and fitted.
2012-07-12OP420930377842Camera completely dead.
2010-07-09N/AWork done not previously logged in database
2009-09-04N/ANew camera same make and model as previous
2009-06-24N/ARefitted after drying out.
2009-06-24N/ALens window cleaned
2009-06-22N/ARemoved for repair or replacement.
2009-05-11N/APower connections remade
2009-04-29N/APower connection remade
2009-04-06N/AGone totally digital.
2009-03-11N/ACore consoles removed.
2008-09-29N/AAll racks removed.
2008-06-22N/ANew camera
2008-06-06N/AFlooded during EUCAARI. Date of removal uncertain.
2007-11-05N/ACore consoles refitted.
2007-10-05N/ACore consoles removed. Camera itself left in place.