The "rules" for working with or at FAAM are now contained in a series of FAAM Management Information Leaflets, or FAMILs.  Those FAMILs currently available are linked below (visibility or access for some documents may be restricted to certain levels of website user).
icon FAMIL 01 General Information
icon FAMIL 02 Information for FAAM Users
icon FAMIL 03 General Health and Safety
icon FAMIL 04 Health and Safety away from base
icon FAMIL 05 FAAM Staff Handbook
icon FAMIL 06 Civil Emergency Procedures
icon FAMIL 07 Incident response plans
icon pdf FAMIL 10 FAAM Access Procedures (230 KB)
icon FAMIL 11 Visiting and staying at Cranfield
icon FAMIL 12 FAAM Strategy
icon pdf FAMIL 14 IS1 AL2 Compressed gas cylinders road transport guidelines (36 KB)
icon FAMIL 17 Wording of Research Papers
icon FAMIL 18 Approval of Alternate Headsets on the ARA
If you have copies of any older FAAM documents, not in the FAMIL format, there is a good chance that they have been superceded and should probably not be trusted.