Available FAAM instruments have been sub-divided into groups in common with the FAAM instrument working group areas. These groups are listed in the Main Menu on the left.


Core instruments are provided and operated by FAAM, for which data will be made available routinely at BADC. Some core instruments may not be operated on all flights. The standard core instrument data may, in some cases, be enhanced (e.g. provided at higher frequency or with greater accuracy) by collaboration with another group. Where use of core instruments incurs significant extra charges for consumables (e.g. dropsondes, SATCOM data transfer), these additional costs have to be recovered directly from the user. The list of "core" instruments will be periodically reviewed by the FAAM Operations Committee, instruments may be removed or added to the list depending on changes in user requirements or serviceability.


Use, calibration and data processing for non-core instruments must be arranged with the instrument provider. This might be as a purchased service or as a scientific collaboration.

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Diverse measurements of different aerosol species

Aircraft primary system data

Measurement techniques applicable to cloud particles

In-situ measurements of varied chemical species

In-situ techniques available on the aircraft for measuring gaseous water content in the atmosphere

Instruments that make measurements of quantities that are situated or originate remote from the aircraft platform. Examples include radiometric measurements, radar and lidar

Air temperature measurement methods

Instruments configured to characterise atmospheric turbulence

Instruments formerly available on the FAAM aircraft that are no longer routinely flown.