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On Tuesday BBC Sceince correspondant David Shukman flew on NAWDEX Flight B981.

A new version of the Directflight pass application form (Directflight Pass Clearance Application 2016 v5) has been uploaded to the website. Please use it for any future (re/)applications.
From Jan 2016 any previous Cranfield Airport pass you may own from last year is invalid. Details of the pass(es) you may need can be found here.

FAAM featured on BBC Look East news last Friday. The ground footage was filmed on 12 October at the Atmospheric Science Showcase at Cranfield University with in flight archive footage being taken from previous BBC News features.

BBC Look East footage

From our changing weather patterns to urban pollution in the air we breathe, understanding our atmosphere is more important than ever. Today (12 October), the UK’s top atmospheric scientists will gather for the Atmospheric Science Showcase at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire.

In preparation for the up and coming ICE-D detachment to Cape Verde, we thought it would be a good idea to inspect the “filter inlet” for any contamination.

This photo shows the inside of one of the filter inlets prior to cleaning.

This show contamination which has built up over a period of months while the filters have not been used.