Current News

Current News

ICE-D Pack-up on its way!

FAAM & Avalon loaded the sea freight container on 11th June at Cranfield and it's now on its way to Cape Verde
Sea container Cranfield

New Contact Details for the Head of FAAM

Alan Woolley will be Acting Head of FAAM from 26th June 2014.

New Directflight pass application form

A new version of the Directflight pass application form (Directflight Pass Clearance Application 2014 v4) has been uploaded to the website. Please use it for any future (re/)applications.
From May 2014, for fliers expecting to fly from Cranfield more than occasionally, a flying pass application will also be used to allow a Cranfield Airfield pass to be generated. This will be required to access the apron/aircraft without escort (after a safety briefing). Full details under Aircraft Access Procedures (requires you to be logged in to the website).

Updated Access Procedures

The FAAM Access procedures have been updated.  All PIs, but especially NERC grant applicants, should note and use the new procedures.

Updated "Information for FAAM Users"

Everybody who uses or works with FAAM should familiarise themselves with the new version of this, which includes safety, security and tool control procedures, as well as new information about "who does what" both at Cranfield and during detachments.