Inside the 146

Use the arrows below to navigate around the interior of the FAAM BAeĀ 146-301 large Atmospheric Research Aircraft

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Position Reports from G-Luxe flight 1801

Date/Time     Latitude     Longitude     Altitude
18/01/18 1054Z51°55.8N1°59.3W16020 ft
18/01/18 1057Z51°53.1N2°15.8W16016 ft
18/01/18 1100Z51°49.9N2°32.4W16020 ft
18/01/18 1103Z51°46.7N2°49.1W16016 ft
18/01/18 1106Z51°43.5N3°5.7W16008 ft
18/01/18 1109Z51°40.4N3°21.6W16028 ft
18/01/18 1112Z51°37.1N3°37.9W16020 ft
18/01/18 1115Z51°34.1N3°53W16036 ft
18/01/18 1118Z51°30.9N4°8.5W16032 ft
18/01/18 1121Z51°27.8N4°23.4W16028 ft
18/01/18 1124Z51°25N4°36.6W16020 ft
18/01/18 1127Z51°22N4°50.5W16016 ft
18/01/18 1130Z51°16.8N5°0.8W15660 ft
18/01/18 1133Z51°6N5°7.3W12709 ft
18/01/18 1136Z50°55.8N5°12.7W9906 ft
18/01/18 1139Z50°45.3N5°18.2W6774 ft
18/01/18 1142Z50°35.6N5°23.6W3847 ft
18/01/18 1145Z50°26.4N5°31.7W1204 ft
18/01/18 1148Z50°36.1N5°27.4W264 ft
18/01/18 1151Z50°45.9N5°21.8W280 ft
18/01/18 1154Z50°56N5°17.3W276 ft
18/01/18 1157Z51°6.8N5°12.1W328 ft
18/01/18 1200Z51°16.5N5°5.7W1684 ft
18/01/18 1203Z51°13.3N5°11.4W1660 ft
18/01/18 1206Z51°2.9N5°14.5W1660 ft
18/01/18 1209Z50°52.5N5°17.5W1644 ft
18/01/18 1212Z50°41.7N5°21.3W1664 ft
18/01/18 1215Z50°34.3N5°29.2W3167 ft
18/01/18 1218Z50°37.8N5°17.6W3171 ft
18/01/18 1221Z50°47.3N5°8.6W3159 ft
18/01/18 1224Z50°56.9N5°3.6W3159 ft
18/01/18 1227Z51°5.7N5°10W3167 ft
18/01/18 1230Z51°14.8N5°16.8W3171 ft
18/01/18 1233Z51°23.5N5°22.7W3947 ft
18/01/18 1236Z51°16.4N5°13.2W4151 ft
18/01/18 1239Z51°5.1N5°10W4143 ft
18/01/18 1242Z50°57.9N5°21.3W4159 ft
18/01/18 1245Z50°48N5°23.6W4171 ft
18/01/18 1248Z50°36.6N5°18.7W4243 ft
18/01/18 1251Z50°29N5°28.6W6010 ft
18/01/18 1254Z50°28N5°43.4W6006 ft
18/01/18 1257Z50°37.7N5°36.8W6018 ft
18/01/18 1300Z50°47.5N5°25.3W6018 ft
18/01/18 1303Z50°47.6N5°24.2W6006 ft
18/01/18 1306Z50°45.3N5°25W6026 ft
18/01/18 1309Z50°51.4N5°11.7W6010 ft
18/01/18 1312Z50°58.8N4°56.4W6022 ft
18/01/18 1315Z51°3.6N4°37.2W6022 ft
18/01/18 1318Z51°12N4°23.9W6038 ft
18/01/18 1321Z51°21.1N4°8.4W8654 ft
18/01/18 1324Z51°16.7N4°16.1W9002 ft
18/01/18 1327Z51°6.2N4°22.5W9022 ft
18/01/18 1330Z50°54.8N4°28.5W9014 ft
18/01/18 1333Z50°44N4°34.4W9006 ft
18/01/18 1336Z50°37.4N4°41.9W12009 ft
18/01/18 1339Z50°47.5N4°32.7W12009 ft
18/01/18 1342Z50°59N4°20.6W12009 ft
18/01/18 1345Z51°7.6N4°17.4W14020 ft
18/01/18 1348Z50°55.7N4°19.4W14032 ft
18/01/18 1351Z50°42.6N4°21.3W14024 ft
18/01/18 1354Z50°34.1N4°29.8W14008 ft
18/01/18 1357Z50°29.5N4°43.9W14012 ft
18/01/18 1400Z50°27.8N4°56.2W14016 ft
18/01/18 1403Z50°25.5N5°8.8W14452 ft
18/01/18 1406Z50°25.7N5°18.4W16020 ft
18/01/18 1409Z50°36.4N5°15.5W12941 ft
18/01/18 1412Z50°48.3N5°18.1W9662 ft
18/01/18 1415Z50°59.1N5°21.9W6206 ft
18/01/18 1418Z51°6.2N5°30.9W3027 ft
18/01/18 1421Z51°11N5°33.9W1288 ft
18/01/18 1424Z51°15N5°17W576 ft
18/01/18 1427Z51°12.4N5°7W1660 ft
18/01/18 1430Z51°2.1N5°11.9W1664 ft
18/01/18 1433Z50°52N5°16W1660 ft
18/01/18 1436Z50°41.1N5°20.1W1664 ft
18/01/18 1439Z50°35.2N5°26.4W3115 ft
18/01/18 1442Z50°44.5N5°18W3327 ft
18/01/18 1445Z50°55N5°11.5W3667 ft
18/01/18 1448Z51°4.7N5°5.3W3667 ft
18/01/18 1451Z51°2.9N4°58.2W5155 ft
18/01/18 1454Z50°52.4N5°2.4W5159 ft
18/01/18 1457Z50°40.8N5°6.6W7522 ft
18/01/18 1500Z50°45.5N5°5.2W7514 ft
18/01/18 1503Z50°54.9N4°54W7510 ft
18/01/18 1506Z51°5N4°41.9W12737 ft
18/01/18 1509Z51°14.1N4°22.7W16024 ft
18/01/18 1512Z51°23.1N4°2.8W16016 ft
18/01/18 1515Z51°31.7N3°43.3W16016 ft
18/01/18 1518Z51°40.5N3°22.8W16020 ft
18/01/18 1521Z51°46.2N3°-0W13888 ft
18/01/18 1524Z51°50.2N2°36.2W10041 ft
18/01/18 1527Z51°53.7N2°14.2W9050 ft
18/01/18 1530Z51°57.2N1°52.3W9018 ft
18/01/18 1533Z52°2.3N1°33.9W9030 ft
18/01/18 1536Z52°8.4N1°14.6W9042 ft
18/01/18 1539Z52°14.2N0°56.3W9038 ft
18/01/18 1542Z52°20.4N0°37.1W6842 ft
18/01/18 1545Z52°17.5N0°23.2W3895 ft
18/01/18 1548Z52°10.7N0°30.6W2947 ft
18/01/18 1551Z52°5.1N0°36.2W776 ft

As an alternative you can download this small kml file and open it in google earth.

A Basic guide to FAAM Data can be downloaded here:

 icon Basic FAAM users guide to Data V1.0 (54 kB 2014-03-20 11:40:51)

FAAM's data are stored within the CEDA archive

FAAM's Data Processing is documented online at

Calibrated CORE data

FAAM data version and revision number is default Version and Revision Numbers of Data Processing Software (1 KB) (January 2008)

FAAM will provide the Centre for Environmental Data Archival (CEDA) with calibrated CORE data from all science flights as netCDF, a 1Hz dataset is also available. FAAM normally aim to to do this within one working day but this can be difficult when on detachment with poor internet connections. In these circumstances alternative local arrangements will be made to deliver the data to participating scientists as soon as practicable.

A list of FAAM data files is available: icon List of FAAM Data Products available from CEDA (48.05 kB).

A list of FAAM parameter names is available icon Updated Parameter Names (10.69 kB).

CEDA distribute FAAM data via their FAAM data pages.

FAAM also provides the following Metadata:

  • Descriptions of parameters
  • Data formats
  • Quality assessments
  • Video files
  • Log sheets - all hand written log sheets and associated charts will be scanned post-flight and archived at the FAAM CEDA site, normally as a single PDF file for each flight.

Specific projects that have their own web pages are encouraged to provide links to the CEDA FAAM site where appropriate. If a specific project requires the CORE data in any other form or format it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigators to extract data from the FAAM archive and convert it.

Groups who develop software for the analysis and visulization of FAAM data are encouraged to make it available to all users. (e.g. GFDex MATLAB code).

Raw Data

FAAM will archive all raw data from all CORE instruments in their raw format at CEDA. Access to this data will normally be restricted to FAAM staff. Others with a need for raw data should contact FAAM in the first instance. 

All Parameters

A list has been prepared of all of the parameters (potentially) available from all of the instruments (which may be) fitted to the ARA.  You can download it in PDF form here.  If you have any queries about it, please contact Guy Gratton.