Current / Future Campaigns

2014: MAGIC


Kiruna, Sweden and Svalbard, Spitsbergen - 30 flying hours, (no dropsondes)




MAGIC Operating Areas: North Sea gas fields, Sodankyla, Abisko, Pallas, Svalbard

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2014: GAUGE

Location: Cranfield, UK     Date: April, July & September 2014     Flying hours: 60     Sondes: 20


GAUGE - Greenhouse gAs Uk and Global Emissions 

The FAAM research aircraft will provide a broad-scale 3-D perspective on the UK inflow and outflow GHG budgets, complementing information from the existing tall tower (DECC) network, high frequency measurements aboard a North Sea ferry, and also linking with existing (GOSAT) and planned (OCO-2) satellite measurements.

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Location: Prestwick, UK     Date: November 2014     Flying hours: 70     Sondes: 68 


STICCS - Submillimetre Trial In Cirrus and Clear Skies
CIRCCREX - CIRrus Cloud-Coupled Radiation EXperiment
PIKNMIX-D - Prestwick-based MIX of cloud physics sorties


Science Objectives

• To evaluate the performance of the ISMAR instrument.
• To measure the submillimetre spectral signature of cirrus and clear skies. Other aircraft instruments are required to provide “truth” and provide closure measurements.
• To obtain microwave, submillimetre, infrared and visible aircraft data simultaneously with satellite overpasses (e.g. A-train, METOP).
• To overfly ground based sites (Chilbolton radar) in cirrus conditions and obtain submillimetre and in-situ cirrus measurements.


• To obtain microphysical and dynamical measurements in a variety of cloud regimes including cold air outbreaks, cirrus and mid-level mixed phase clouds.
• Flights in combination with the operational weather radar at Stornaway & Aberdeen
• Potential intercomparison flight with MOCCA.
• Cold air outbreak up towards Iceland (potential overnight if hangar available)
• Spiral descent in Cirrus


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